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†† It is not known for sure how long apple dolls have been made.† We do know they go back to the l800ís and the pioneers.† It is possible they were first made by Native Americans. ††††††

†† I have been making apple dolls for twenty-eight years from Golden Delicious apples.† I enjoy the different personalities that appear from the dried apple.† The color of the apple will darken over time and will bring a new character to the doll.


†††† To see what my dolls look like, please visit the

Apple Head Doll Catalog Page.

Apple Head Doll† History

†††† After 30 wonderful years at High Hill Ranch in Northern Californiaís Apple Hill region, I decided to finally take a break.†


Iím still making dolls and fixing old ones.†


†††† I wonít be at the Ranch this year but feel free to email or call.†



Thank you to all of my loyal customers throughout the years!



Phone: 530-622-9644


P.O. Box 378, El Dorado, CA 95623

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